A radio piece, by Sam Richards, about the destruction, in 1917, of Hallsands, a fishing village on the south-west coast of England. 

Narrator - Elie Fruchter; Readings - Peter Cowlam, Mick Green, Richard Hillesley and Sam Richards; Singers - Lyn Brown, Noelle Kadory, Lucinda Guy and Mae Karthauser; Musicians - Elie Fruchter, Sam Ricahrds, Tim Sayer and the Torbay Symphony Orchestra. Produced by Lucinda Guy and Sam Richards for Soundart Radio, Dartington, Devon.

Suite for Multiple Pianos, I. Drift - Lona Kozik
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Bellows 2 - Lona Kozik
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A multiple piano tracks drift and pull slowly out of time with each other. This piece is a meditation on the movement of water and the seemingly gentle destruction of this movement over time.

Created from processed recordings of a traditional squeezebox, Bellows 1 and 2 are from a series of pieces that seek to recontextualize traditional folk music. Originally conceived as an offshoot of the project Sounding Coastal Change (see links page), these pieces bear a relation to similar examinations at Hallsands Arts.

Bellows 1 - Lona Kozik
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