Artist Frances Gynn uses the mathematical, fractal term “strange attractors” to denote her fascination with human presence, no matter how apparently slight, in nature. Conversely, nature’s effect on made-made materials and objects makes for dialogues in her work between humans and nature. Her paintings and drawings often hover ambiguously between abstraction and direct reference. As she writes: “Beach jetsam and flotsam suggests a conversation, an event, a sensation.” She refers to: “Drawing out and on the usability of  'waste' in the natural environment:  discarded, reclaimed, colonised by nature to be washed up, reclaimed and transformed again.”


She has exhibited in galleries in Zurich, Bahrain, Kuwait, Dartmouth, Exeter, London, Antwerp and Bristol, and lives in Torcross on the South Devon coast around four miles from Hallsands.


Beach Conversations, by Frances Gynn

“I find my inspiration, setting and material on the seashore - manmade discards from far-off or contiguous, agglomerating with nature, drawing the viewer in to be part of the story of the world and the work. I am particularly interested in how plastic has become part of the natural landscape and how we accommodate it.


My practice is one of a study of transformation and the inherent beauty in that ceaseless, timeless process: transformation of objects by nature and man and the beauty found in that transformation.​


I convey the inspiration through representation or abstraction or both. Sometimes I incorporate material into the work, directly or indirectly - diluted beach tar, fishing line, paint-casts of the strange attractors (random metal and plastic parts) bringing the work physically closer to the source.”

 Frances Gynn