Hallsands Revisited / Hallsands Arts




Nets. Fishermens’ nets. Discarded fishermens’ nets are known as ghost nets. Hallsands has been a ruin for one hundred years. Abandoned and ghostly. These facts sit well together. They also provide a seed-idea for artistic collaboration. Nets - complex networks of little four-sided figures with knots and spaces. “Networks” - an appropriate word for artistic responses. Visual and sonic spontaneity can co-exist. Kozik and Richards allow this matrix of stimuli to inform their improvisations. Gynn, who now has many drawings and paintings based on nets, responds both to the theme and the improvised sounds. Together they seek points of commonality and divergence.


Mutual appreciation of each others’ work and fascination with Hallsands brought Frances Gynn, Lona Kozik and Sam Richards together to collaborate and cooperate in the project Hallsands Revisited in 2017. This consists of their own individual responses to Hallsands as well as a collaborative project in which both music and drawing/painting are improvised live.